Collaborative tool for designing urban places.

Nobody knows better than the neighbours what are the problems and opportunities of their own neighbourhoods. This is a new paradigm in the design of the Cities, and a key point in the Placemaking process.

Some crucial factors in accessing to people’s opinion are that must be in a transparent, quick and inexpensive way. Unfortunately, the current systems spend a lot of time, money and resources, which impede to the most vulnerable communities gathering this information.

Today, in the era of urban digitization, these issues can be addressed efficiently through technological innovation.

This is why we have created CoworkCity, a collaborative tool for the process of designing public spaces, which allows to use collective intelligence to improve neighborhoods conditions and strengthen their identity .

This is how it works:

It is intended to be used by authorities, urbanists or any person who wants to do placemaking, either by tactical urbanism or permanent transformations.

We hope you enjoy it!


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